Location and history of Jazierce

In nature's heart

Jazierce are one of the settlements south of Ružomberok. They are located in one of many valleys of Veľká Fatra moutain range, just below the historic village of Vlkolínec, included in UNESCO's protection list.
Back in the past, a recreational resort was built here -serving a purpose of a boyscout camp. It has a very good access from the access road, just few hundred yards from the main road. The beautiful view of panorama is not obstructed by any means, despite it's relative vicinity to the town of Ružomberok it provides complete and undisturbed peace and rest.
From a geological point of view, the area of Jazierce belongs to Demänovský karst. It is interesting for it's many unique features including frequent small ponds, undeground streams and countless water-shaped rock formations, giving the whole area i'ts typical name and appearance. *Jazierce stands for: Jazero = a mere//lake//pond*. Thanks to it's solid calc tuff floor the area is a very rich storage of drinking mineral water.

Relax and activities nearby

Thanks to their location, Jazierce are offering rich all-year possibilities of relax and free-time activies in vicinity. There are many interesting things to do around: be it a good ski-trip in winter, or swimming and hiking during the warmer months. We grouped these for you into several categories, depending on your favourite activity, or winter/summer preference. We also gave you a distance and a guidance map, to help you navigate.

Traffic access

Jazierce are located on an easily accessible road, just about 5 miles southwards from the main thrust between roads D1 and D3, connecting the west and east parts of country.

One of the most unique slovakian sights, the UNESCO member village with authentic wooden architecture.  3km
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Skipark Donovaly
Modern Skipark with kids funpark and freestyle snowboard park, with overall 11 km of slopes and 16 tows. 22km
webpage map
Demänovská cave
One of the most accessible beautiful caves in Europe, more that 8 km long, with an ice twin cave nearby. 35km
webpage map
Malinô brdo
Skipark with 12km of slopes, 2 cableways, 5 tows and artificial snow coverage, located nearby Ružomberok. 15km
webpage map
Thermalpark Bešeňová
Wellness & Spa centre offering a wide range of service, including an aquapark for adrenaline enthusiasts.  17km
webspage map
SkiPark Jasná
The biggest slovak skipark, divided into 4 parts, with 31km all difficulty level slopes, all artificially snowed. 40km
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An archeological sight and reconstructed Celtic habitat dating back to 1st century B.C., found at Úložisko hill. 20km
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Vrátna valley
Winter skipark with 17km of all level slopes and 14 tows. Great snowboarding and skiing for the whole family. 40km
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Liptovská Mara
A water reservoir with wide selection of summer and water sports - bathing, kite/wakeboarding, windsurfing... 17km
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Brankovský waterfall
The highest waterfall in Low Tatras located very close to Jazierce, great for both winter and summer walks. 2km


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